SLIP Plate® Aerosol

Fast Drying, Graphite Dry Film Lubricant

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  Agriculture   Construction
  Industrial   Auto Transport
  Consumer   Railroad

Product Description:
SLIP Plate Aerosol is the original, convenient to use, dry-film graphite lubricant. This superior product produces a very slick barrier between metal surfaces that reduces sliding friction and build-up to help reduce corrosion. The coating is naturally hydrophobic and repels rain, snow, and mud that can cause materials to stick to surfaces.

Works great on metal, wood and most polymer surfaces. Use SLIP Plate Aerosol as a part of a regular maintenance schedule, to extend the life of equipment, help reduce maintenance costs, and productivity losses.

Data Sheet MSDS

  • Creates a smooth even surface
  • Easy to apply, sprayable formulation for large areas
  • Fast drying; tack-free in less than 15 minutes at room temperature
  • Engineered with unique dry film graphite technology
  • Creates a slick, non-stick surface, ideal for build-up areas
  • Reduces mechanical wear and can extend operating life of products
  • Lubricates in extreme environments
  • Will not attract or trap dirt, dust, or grit
  • Graphite is a natural, environmentally friendly mineral lubricant
  • Molecularly bonds to the metal surface

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