SLIP Plate® Black ICE™

Fast Drying, Cleaner / Graphite Lubricant

Recommended Application Methods:

Aerosol Spray

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General Applications:

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  Agriculture   Construction
  Industrial   Auto Transport

Product Description:
A unique formulation combining a unique solvent cleaner with a friction reducing mineral that first cleans the surface, and then deposits a layer of pure, lubricous graphite powder. Works great on mechanical components requiring dry lubrication. Unlike competitive products available on the market leave a wet, sticky film that will attract dirt and grime and are affected by temperature, Black Ice™ has been engineered to deliver graphite powder where it is specifically needed.

Data Sheet MSDS

  • Proprietary binder system, leaves a thin coating of dry graphite powder
  • Effective in temperature extremes, will not change consistency, or become gummy and sticky like some wet lubricants or greases
  • Microcrystalline structure molecularly bonds with metal pores to provide
    long-lasting lubrication, even after the surface coating is no longer visible
  • Chemically inert coating allowing operation in challenging operating environments
  • Thermally conductive to dissipate heat and cool weapons faster
  • Prevents binding and galling
  • Straw applicator focuses concentrated blasts
  • Ideal for personal or crew serviced weapon systems

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