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Popular Mechanics August 1976

Our guiding principles- ingenuity, versatility and integrity- enable us to provide solutions that ensure our customers’ success today and tomorrow. We are dedicated to continuous product and graphite research and development.

SLIP Plate® History

Asbury Carbons dry film technology was first created in 1975 when railroad maintenance engineers searched for a remedy to the problem of lubricating switch plates for railroad tracks. SLIP Plate® was created as an original solution – a dry film lubricant that was Slippery When Dry®.

Asbury Carbons makes many products using this technology to help perform some amazing tasks. For agricultural and industrial applications we created SLIP Plate® No. 1 (Heavy Duty), No. 3 (Quick Dry), and No. 4 (Eco-Friendly) – lubricants which reduce sliding friction when applied on hay elevators, gravity wagons, rollers and other equipment. Seed SLIK™ Graphite, Talc and Blend (of graphite and talc) were formulated to ease seed flow during planting while SLIP Plate® Cold Oven Chain and Hot Oven Chain Lubricants – to prolong the life of conveyor chains and reduce noise.

MowerGUARD™ Graphite aids in preventing wet grass clippings from accumulation under lawn mowers. Black Ice™ Graphite is used in gun and fire-fighting equipment maintenance. A high-quality graphite powder Tube-O-Lube®, SLIP Plate® Aerosol, Chain & Cable, and Penetrant Plus aerosols were created for house and other lubrication purposes.


SLIP Plate® products use high quality graphite powders from certified and qualified sources to produce the highest level of coating protection. Competitive products may make claims that they are equal in performance, but experience in the field and in the lab show that they are not the same and may even scratch and increase damage of your equipment due to lower quality of graphite.


SLIP Plate® brand on the can insures you are getting a product backed by a company with over 90 years of manufacturing excellence and production know-how. SLIP Plate® is the original graphite dry-film coating, and was the first to help save farmers money replacing equipment that prematurely failed.


Asbury Carbons is at the forefront of graphite and carbon-based solutions to sliding friction issues. Competitors like to copy the popular products, but only Asbury Carbons offers a full line of coatings and lubricants for agriculture today.


Count on Asbury Carbons for products designed to maximize profit and protect the life and minimize the wear and tear on your valuable tools and equipment. SLIP Plate® products are produced from the finest graphite powders to protect your investment for seasons to come.

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