New SLIP Plate Interactive Website Is Here!

New SLIP Plate Interactive Website!

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Have you been wondering what SLIP Plate® was up to during the last few months?  We have been building a new interactive easy-to-navigate website for you!  Visit to experience the new look and feel of the website, to discover the new features and of course to learn more about SLIP Plate and how our products can help you in your household, as well as outside your home!  Are you curious what the new features are?  Below is a quick overview:

Application Helper:  SLIP Plate® website home page has a new feature to help you find SLIP Plate® products for your specific application.  For example, if you are a farmer wondering what SLIP Plate products can help you in your daily routine, slide your cursor through the green icons under the slider.  When your cursor is over the “Agriculture” icon, all the SLIP Plate products that can help you will highlight.  Whether you are in construction or automotive business or whether you would like to find out how SLIP Plate products can help you at home, this feature is here to help you!

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Your Account Page and Shopping Cart: Whether you would like to purchase some of the SLIP Plate products or just navigate through your account page, we hope you enjoy our new convenient design and all the resources that will be available to you.  All of your history will be stored on your account, so if you would like to repeat one of your previous orders, that would be very easy to do!  However, you will need to reset your login information for security purposes.

We also updated our Literature Section, which contains useful information, brochures, SDSs and GCCs.  Products pages have videos now and application pages have been updated as well.

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