Seed SLIK Talc

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Product Description

Seed SLIK Talc has the highest quality powdered seed flow lubricants available on the market. Talc powder is an environmentally safe, natural mineral that will not hurt seeds or plantings as they grow. Talc seed flow lubricants are used in mechanical plate and vacuum planters for increased lubricity and wear protection. Talc is a good alternative to graphite for planters with new electronic seed meters that sometimes give false readings with graphite. Small seeds benefit from the addition of talc allowing them to slide easily off the planter plates.


  • Dry powder lubrication technology
  • Reduces mechanical wear and can extend operating life
  • Effectively lubricates seed meters
  • Preferred lubricant for equipment with electronic seed meters
  • Will not attract or trap dirt or grit, leading to increased part wear
  • Effectively lubricates both metal or poly plates
  • Will not harm plantings or the soil
Physical properties Typical Range
Carrier Air
Fluid Consistency Dry Powder
Measured Particle Size Distribution <200 US Mesh
(<75 microns)
Effective Temperature Range (min) -75°F (-59°C)
Effective Temperature Range (max) 700°F (371°C)
Suggested Application
Ambient Temperature Range
-50 - 450°F (-46 - 232°C)
Shelf Life under original seal Unlimited under original seal


Apply in well-ventilated area. Application may cause talc powder to become airborne. It is recommended that a dust particulate mask be used when using this product.

Apply in layers as seeds are being added to planter. The recommended application rate is 1 Tablespoon per bag (70-80,000 seeds) or up 2 Tablespoons for heavily treated/rough seeds. Apply seed flow in a layer pattern (seed-talc-seed) for optimal powder distribution.

Lubricate new seed meters. Apply a light dusting of talc to the bottom of the seed bin prior to adding seeds to properly lubricate meters, especially new ones.

Repeat as necessary. When refilling the bins, it is important to use as much Seed SLIK talc seed flow as needed or recommended by the planter manufacturer.


Clean-Up Instructions

Clean up material with soap and water. Talc will come off clothing, and skin using simple soap and water. Wipe up any spills on flooring to prevent slipping accidents.


  • Do not use any grease, oil, or other petroleum product on top of this coating, as it may deteriorate the effectiveness of the product.
  • Not recommended for high humidity environments as this may cause the product to clump.

Storage and Handling Information

  • Material is packaged in plastic bottles/cans/tubes
  • Store away from excessive heat that may melt the tubes
  • Material is white, or silver-grey in some instances, and these color variations are normal.

Please consult the MSDS for additional information on disposal of unused materials, and safe handling practices.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Shipping/Freight Information & Restrictions:

When shipping via Ground Transportation:

All Packaging: No restrictions

When shipping via Ocean Freight:

All Packaging: No restrictions

When shipping via Air Freight:

All Packaging: No restrictions