SLIP Plate® Cold Oven Chain Lubricant

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Packaging: 4-1 Ga Cans 37015G
Unit price: $178.00
Packaging: 5 Ga Pails 37008
Unit price: $165.00

Product Description

SLIP Plate® Cold Oven Chain Lubricant is designed around a unique, natural graphite that offers superior lubricity under extreme conditions. This light oil-based suspension effectively carries the graphite to the chain pins and bushings. The unique binder system utilized creates a very durable bond to the chain. Use to prolong the life of your chain and reduce noise. Can be used with SLIP Plate® Cold Oven Chain Lubricant.

All SLIP Plate® oven chain lubricants are registered with NSF under H2 category acceptable for non-food contact.

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  • Dry film, graphite technology that will not attract grit or dust
  • Reduces mechanical wear and can extend operating life of the chain
  • Not affected by temperature extremes when properly applied and dry
  • Will not attract or trap dirt or grit, leading to increased part wear
  • Graphite powder is a natural, environmentally friendly mineral lubricant
Physical properties Typical Range
Carrier Light Oil
Color Grey/Black
Fluid Consistency Thin
Measured Viscosity (centipoises) < 100
Bulk Density (lb/gallon) 7.7 - 9.0
Flash Point 148°F (64.4°C)
Average Application Coverage (ft²/gallon) 250 - 300
Effective Temperature Range (min) 50°F (10.0°C)
Effective Temperature Range (max) 150°F (66°C)
Suggested Application
Ambient Temperature Range
50 - 120°F
(10 - 48.9°C)
Suggested Dilution Ratio Not Recommended
Suggested Dilutant/Cleaner Not Recommended
Shelf Life under original seal 24 Months


Stir material prior to use. It is important to properly stir the material with a hand stir stick or paint mixer. This allows any graphite and bonding agents that may have settled normally during transportation to be properly mixed. It is normal for the material to settle, but the unique graphite powder utilize will quickly and easily go into suspension.

Prepare your surface. The most important part of the coating process is proper surface preparation. Remove any loose debris, rust or grit prior to coating if possible.

Wear proper painting equipment. It is important to follow all appropriate OSHA safety standards and wear a mask and protective clothing as needed.


Apply with exhaust blowers running. It is important when spraying this product that exhaust blowers and fans be operating to prevent build up on dust in the area. It is recommended that a paint mask be worn when using this product.

Flash off solvent prior to operation of oven. After replacing the chain and coating it with Cold Oven Chain, it is important to flash the remaining solvents off. This can be done by opening all dampers and exhaust fans and running the oven.
Apply by roller, brush air or airless spray equipment. Apply material as you would for any normal paint job. When applied by air or airless spray equipment, the recommended wet film thickness should be 2 to 4mil. When applied by a brush or roller the recommended wet film thickness will be 2 to 5mil.

Surface temperature should be below 140°F/60°C. Application of this product to hot surfaces (>150°F/66°C) is not recommended, as this will exceed the flash point of the product and increase the risk of a fire. When properly allowed to dry, the coating will not be affected by temperature extremes.

Clean-Up Instructions

Clean up tools and other materials with a solvent. Material once dry will be very difficult to remove from painting equipment. If removal is required after coating has dried, use of paint thinner, VM&P Naphtha or similar solvent-based cleaner is advised. Note, these chemicals may damage underlying painted surfaces and are flammable so clean well away from open flames, sparks or other sources of ignition


  • Product is registered with NSF under H2 category acceptable for non-food contact. Not for use in direct food contact application.
  • Do not use any grease, oil, or other petroleum product on top of this coating, as it will deteriorate the effectiveness of the graphite
  • Graphite powder is electrically conductive and must be used carefully around electrically sensitive equipment.

Storage and Handling Information

  • Store away from excessive heat and keep in original packaging.
  • Material is black, or silver-gray in some instances, and these color variations are normal.
  • Keep away from light colored clothing.
  • Graphite is electrically conductive and may lead to electrical shorts and damage.
  • Please be careful working with this product around electricity or sensitive electrical equipment.

Please consult the MSDS for additional information on disposal of unused materials, and safe handling practices.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.

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