SLIP Plate® No. 3

SLIP Plate - No. 3 5g - Product Image

Product Description

SLIP Plate® No. 3 is formulated with the same technology to make our heavy-duty SLIP Plate® No. 1 product, but it can be sprayed easily using a conventional spray gun applicator and dry very quickly. This product is ideal for large coverage areas. When applied and dried, SLIP Plate® No. 3 creates a dry anti-friction graphite coating that does not attract and trap dust, dirt, mud, or grit as compared with greases and oils. Naturally hydrophobic, it provides lasting protection from rain, snow and mud to help to prevent rust and corrosion. SLIP Plate® is excellent to reduce wear and extend the operating life machinery.


  • When applied, dries very quickly under normal temperature conditions
  • Creates a slick, non-stick surface, ideal for build-up areas
  • Very fine particle size dry film technology to create a smooth even surface
  • Reduces mechanical wear and can extend operating life of products
  • Slippery regardless of temperature extremes
  • Will not attract or trap dirt or grit, leading to increased part wear
  • Hydrophobic – Graphite coating is not attracted to rain and snow
  • Graphite is a natural mineral and environmentally safe lubricant
Physical properties Typical Range
Carrier Solvent
Color Grey
Fluid Consistency Thin
Measured Viscosity (centipoises) > 500
Bulk Density (lb/gallon) 7.5 - 8.0
Flash Point >18°F (-7.8°C)
Dry Time (tack-free) hrs (min) 15-30 @ 70°F (21.1°C)
Dry Time (complete) hrs (min) 60-90 @ 70°F (21°C)
Average Application Coverage (ft²/gallon) 300
Effective Temperature Range (min) -75°F (-59°C)
Effective Temperature Range (max) 450°F (232°C)
Suggested Application
Ambient Temperature Range
50 - 100°F
(10 - 37.8°C)
Suggested Dilution Ratio Not Recommended
Suggested Dilutant/Cleaner None Recommended
Shelf Life under original seal 24 Months


Stir material prior to use. It is important to properly stir the material with a hand stir stick or paint mixer. This allows any graphite and bonding agents that may have settled normally during ransportation to be properly mixed. It is normal for the material to settle, and it may take some time to mix by hand. Paint mixers that are attached to a standard drill will speed up this process.

Prepare your surface. The most important part of the coating process is proper surface preparation. Remove any loose debris, mud, paint, rust or grit by high pressure water cleaning, scraper, or wire brush. Use a solvent like an aerosol brake cleaner to remove any residual petroleum or grease from previous application.


Apply by brush, roller, dipping, or airless spray equipment. Apply material as you would for any normal paint job. Material when applied by brush should have a film thickness of 2 to 4 mil. When applied by airless spray equipment, the film thickness should be 2 to 5 mil. Application by brush on non-porous surfaces is not recommended. SLIP Plate® No. 1 would be best for this application.

Allow coated surface to dry a minimum of 90 minutes between coats in a wellventilated area. For additional wear applications, apply two coats, but it is recommended that the first coating is allowed to dry at least 90 minutes. Allow additional time for high humidity and low temperature conditions.

Surface temperature should be 50-100°F (10-37.8°C) at application. Application of this product to very hot (>300°F) or cold surfaces (<20°F) is not recommended as this will affect the bonding performance of the product.Once dry, the dry film coating will not be affected by temperature extremes.

Clean-Up Instructions

Clean up material with soap and water or as you would with typical house-type paint. Material once dry will be very difficult to remove from painting equipment. If removal is required after coating has dried, use of paint thinner, VM&P Naphtha or similar solventbased cleaner is advised. Note that these chemicals may damage underlying painted surfaces.


  • Coated surfaces must be allowed to thoroughly dry prior to use.
  • Do not use any grease, oil, or other petroleum product on top of this coating, as it will deteriorate the effectiveness of the graphite
  • Recommended application temperature between 50°F and 100°F.
  • Bonding agents will begin to oxidize at temperatures above 450°F (232°C), and this coating is not recommended for continuous high temperature applications.

Storage and Handling Information

  • DO NOT FREEZE. Product must be stored above 32°F.
  • Store away from excessive heat and keep in original packaging.
  • Material is black, or silver-gray in some instances, and these color variations are normal.
  • Keep away from light colored clothing.
  • Graphite is electrically conductive and may lead to electrical shorts and damage.
  • Please be careful working with this product around electricity or sensitive electrical equipment.

Please consult the MSDS for additional information on disposal of unused materials, and safe handling practices.

This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Shipping/Freight Information & Restrictions:

When shipping via Ground Transportation:

All Packaging: Hazardous. Petroleum products, N.O.S.
(Contains naphtha) – Class 3 – Pkg. Group II –UN1268

When shipping via Ocean Freight:

All Packaging: Hazardous. Petroleum products, N.O.S.
(Contains naphtha) – Class 3 – Pkg. Group II –UN1268

When shipping via Air Freight:

All Packaging: Hazardous. Petroleum products, N.O.S.
(Contains naphtha) – Class 3 – Pkg. Group II –UN1268