SLIP Plate® products have made their way from industrial applications to aid in keeping critical parts moving and protected from premature part failure. A new product, Black Ice™ has been developed to keep critical threaded parts safe from sieving and damage. Used on standpipe caps, hydrant caps and valves, along with hose/pipe connectors, Black Ice deposits a very fine graphite powder that will not build up as other graphitic and non-graphitic lubricants can over time. This coating, in a very convenient and easy to use form, is not affected by temperature and the unique graphite particles have the ability to work themselves into the surface features of the metal, allowing for continuous lubrication, even after the visible coating has disappeared.

SLIP Plate® products have also been used to lubricate ladder slides, hose tables, roll out tables, compartment doors, and firehouse garage door tracks, cables and chains.