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Superflake™ graphite based oven chain lubricants have been used for many years to properly protect expensive oven chains from premature failure in pizza, tortilla, and bakery ovens. Superflake™ Cold Oven Chain lubricant is a petroleum-based, graphite lubricant that is used during major maintenance shut downs, where the oven is cooled and not running. Superflake™ Hot Oven Lubricant is a water based, graphite lubricant that can be applied to the chain during normal operation (up to 450ºF). This formulation has been designed not to smoke or catch fire, and has a unique graphite particle with the ability to work into the chain’s tight tolerances to lubricate the entire chain, not just the surface.

Superflake™ oven chain lubricants also have been used on chains under high temperature conditions, like heat-treat ovens and cement kilns, where normal wet lubrication fails and the need for a solid lubricant is required.

All Superflake lubricants are registered with NSF under H2 category acceptable for non-food contact.

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