SLIP Plate® technology began with the railroad industry, solving a switch plate problem that normal wet lubricants could not solve. SLIP Plate® OEM-8 has been developed as the market leading graphite based, dry film lubricant on the market. Tested and approved by the major railroad operations, it produces a highly lubricous coating, utilizing new formulation technologies and graphite powders. As it is a dry film, it is not affected by temperature extremes, and will not drip if used on elevated tracks as will greases and other wet lubricants, especially under extreme summer heat. In the winter it will not change in viscosity as greases and petroleum lubricants will, and naturally repels rain, water, ice and snow.

In addition to switch plates, SLIP Plate® brand aerosols can be used to reduce sticking, and sliding friction on car couplings, box car door slides, maintenance garage doors, cranes and other equipment around the yard. Our long-term partner, Industry Railway Suppliers Inc., Bensenville, IL, is one the most knowledgeable contacts for information on SLIP Plate® in the railroad market.