Winter weather maintenance

Winter weather can’t stop SLIP Plate® brand lubricants from protecting your equipment and keeping it working. Unique dry film technology and the lubricating power of graphite combine to produce a durable, water-repelling barrier that continues to lubricate even in the harshest of winter weather.

Unlike greases and wet lubricants, SLIP Plate® brand coatings will not attract dirt or grit, and will do a good job of repelling water, rain, ice and snow. The finely ground and uniquely sized graphites from Superior Graphite bond tightly to metal and wood surfaces and produce a slick surface that will lubricate long after the distinct grey-black visible coating is gone. Unlike wet lubricants that fail to lubricate when they evaporate, SLIP Plate® brand products use solid particles that provide lubrication and do not stop lubricating when the carrier is gone. In weather extremes, such as cold, ice and snow; greases and other petroleum lubricants gum up and become very thick. SLIP Plate® brand coatings are not affected by the cold when applied and allowed to dry.

When compared in tests, SLIP Plate® brand products out perform competitive products, by providing a lower coefficient of friction and longer coating life. Reducing friction on your equipment will save you on downtime, ultimately saving you money!

Some common winter applications where SLIP Plate® technology is used today:

Sand/Salt Spreaders:
Issue: Salt and sand continues to build up on the spreader, in the bin and on the auger blade, causing inconsistent spreading and clogging of the system

Solution: Application of SLIP Plate® No. 1, No.3 or Aerosol to the surface will produce a dry film and a slick surface that will reduce build-up due to particle sticking or bridging on metal, wood and some hard plastic substrates. Graphite is not affected by extreme temperature environments, and will continue to provide superior friction reduction properties in the coldest conditions

Issue: Chemical attack by road salt and other corrosive additives on metal surfaces on trucks, bins, and spreaders.

Solution: SLIP Plate® No. 1, heavy-duty, dry film graphite coating. This graphite coating, when applied by brush or roller and with some airless spray equipment, has the highest available concentration of graphite particles. These unique graphite particles produce a coating that is hydrophobic, and resists chemical attack. When the surface is properly prepared according to instructions, the coating is durable and will continue to produce a highly lubricous surface, reducing wear and protecting equipment

Two-Stage Snow Throwers/Blowers:
Issue: Heavy wet snow sticks to the metal discharge chute and throwing stage, causing the thrower/blower to clog.

Solution: SLIP Plate® Aerosol can be sprayed on the inside of the chute and on the throwing stage of the blower, creating a hydrophobic surface to reduce the build up of wet snow and allow the machine to operate better with less clogging. The graphite coating will also create a barrier between the high moisture environment and the metal, reducing corrosion of the equipment when properly applied.

Snow Shovels:
Issue: Particle sticking to metal shovels, making it more difficult to clear sidewalks and driveways of snow and ice.

Solution: SLIP Plate® No. 1 when painted onto metal and some hard plastic shovels, will produce a water repellant coating that will reduce the build up of snow and ice, thus making it easier to shovel.

Hitches/Trailer Connections:
Issue: Sticking of connects due to extreme cold effects on grease and petroleum based lubricants

Solution: SLIP Plate® No. 1 can be used as a replacement to grease and petroleum based lubricants to provide consistent lubrication without the issues of sticking and increased viscosity in extreme temperature environments. SLIP Plate® No. 3 and SLIP Plate Aerosol can also be used to touch up already properly applied No. 1 coatings easily. To lubricate threads, use SLIP Plate® Black Ice lubricant for effective graphite lubrication without grease.

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Showing all 4 results