Auto Transport

Friction and rust are a car hauler’s enemies. Fight back with SLIP Plate®, the original graphite lube solution. As the industry standard for decades, SLIP Plate® is a unique dry film technology that produces a super-slick surface coating keeping decks and sliders moving. SLIP Plate® is applied to sliding decks, posts, ratchet pipes, quick releases, and nearly every other moving part on an auto hauler. It will not wipe off like grease and oil and it is unaffected by extreme weather conditions. SLIP Plate® does not attract dirt, grit, or ice that can cause wear damage to critical parts. It naturally resists moisture that can cause corrosion and rust.

SLIP Plate® No. 1 is very easy to apply. Like a paint, it can be brushed, rolled, or used with an airless sprayer. SLIP Plate® aerosol is perfect for touch-ups on the road and hard to reach areas. Also, SLIP Plate® Penetrant Plus and SLIP Plate® Chain & Cable are great wet lubricant products that can help break up those rusted/corroded parts and keep things operating better with the power of graphite.

Slicker and longer lasting than other graphite coatings, SLIP Plate® will keep your operating costs low and your equipment running smoothly. Contact our car hauler experts at C. F. Bender Company for more information. They have more than 30 years of experience with SLIP Plate® in auto transport applications.

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