Unlock the power of graphite to keep your weaponry moving in all kinds of conditions! SLIP Plate® products from Superior Graphite utilize natural friction-reducing graphite to provide a durable, long-lasting lubricating film that resists wear for reliable performance when it counts most.

Lubricates gun magazines, locking lugs, bolts, action and
bolt carrier assemblies for smooth cycling. Also great on mechanical threads like hoses and bolts.

• This contact cleaner/powder graphite lubricant removes grease, dirt, oil and previously applied lubricants

• A new, proprietary binder system, leaves a thin coating of dry graphite powder that will not build up

• Allows sliding mechanisms to move freely under all environmental conditions, reducing wear and premature part failure

• Convenient to use aerosol delivery system

• Unique dry film technology that will not attract dirt, dust, or grit

• Effective in temperature extremes, will not change consistency, or become gummy and sticky like some wet lubricants or greases

• Microcrystalline structure molecularly bonds with metal pores to provide long-lasting lubrication, even after the surface coating is no longer visible

• Chemically inter coating allowing to work in challenging operating environments

• Thermally conductive to dissipate heat and cool weapons faster

• Prevents binding and galling

• Straw applicator focuses to easily apply graphite to critical areas

• Ideal for personal or crew serviced weapon systems

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