SLIP Plate® Connects with Farmers

Chicago, IL — SLIP Plate®, a product line of graphite lubricants, is connecting with the agricultural market via ZimmComm. Chuck Zimmerman, ZimmComm founder and radio personality, has interviewed SLIP Plate® Product Manager, Barry Lee, to discover the endless agricultural applications of SLIP Plate®.

“One product specifically created for the agriculture market is Seed SLIK™ which has been engineered to reduce seed binding and bridging in planter hoppers and lubricate the mechanical parts of the planter without hurting the seeds.” Barry Lee says, “we are working to re-introduce the agricultural market to SLIP Plate® and one of the ways we are doing this is with the launch of the SLIP Plate® Facebook Sweepstakes.”

With the ever-growing agricultural industry, it is important for farmers to keep up with the competitive, fast-paced environment and produce crops at maximum potential. Providing a slick surface anywhere friction is present, SLIP Plate® products are the best lubricants on the market for all types of farming equipment. ZimmComm and social media are two important mediums to get this message out to the agricultural community. Listen to an interview with Barry Lee, Product Manager Coatings & Lubricants for SLIP Plate®, here: Interview with Barry Lee

ZimmComm is a “new media” company that specializes in blogging, podcasting and managing RSS feeds for the agricultural industry. The company also operates a customized news release production and distribution business called AgNewsWire, which features their patented Talking News Releases. One of the primary income streams for the company is providing journalistic coverage of events from large-scale industry conferences and trade shows to company conducted media days. These promotional opportunities can include content creation on sponsor websites as well as on ZimmComm’s industry leading News Network: AgWired, Domestic Fuel, Precision Pays and World Dairy Diary.

Today, SLIP Plate® continues to evolve to meet the needs of farmers, maintenance engineers, fire fighters, institutional maintenance personnel, commercial truck fleets, plant engineers and the home consumer. Innovation, quality and consistency for almost 40 years make SLIP Plate® products the best on the market. SLIP Plate® continues to work to develop new graphite products through R&D programs and partnerships with major universities.