SLIP Plate® Introduces New Packaging to Wheatbelt Members

January 22, 2013


Planting season will soon be here and we are proud to offer SLIP Plate® Seed SLIK™ in our new packaging. This durable and reusable container is sealed to keep the product dry and ready to use. Seed SLIK™ products are seed flow lubricants made from high quality materials to allow seeds to flow easily off the planter plates of seed planters. It prevents seed bridging in the hopper and increases yields without damaging the seeds.

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Seed SLIK™ Graphite is the most lubricious dry lubricant, allowing seeds to flow effortlessly through the planter. Seed SLIK™ Talc is a great alternative to graphite with new electronic seed meters that may give a false reading with graphite. Seed SLIK™ SG Blend is a mixture of graphite and talc to provide the benefit of improved lubricity with graphite and reduce particle agglomeration of using talc alone.

Order now and save up to 20% on all Seed SLIK™ and SLIP Plate® products. FREE FREIGHT on orders of $1,500 or more!

Don’t forget to stop by the Wheatbelt Feb 2013 Show to meet Ben Campbell from Rural America Sales, and receive a FREE sample of Tube-O-Lube®! Booth #10


All orders placed with Ben during the Wheatbelt Show will receive a FREE SLIP Plate® Aerosol sample pack. A $40 retail value! Each pack include samples of SLIP Plate® Aerosol, SLIP Plate® Penetrant Plus, SLIP Plate® Chain & Cable, and Black Ice™. We will ship the sample pack out to you immediately to see for yourself the SLIP Plate® advantage!

Act now to take advantage of this sale! As always, we look forward to continue to support you and determine ways this product can help you increase your sales.

Promotional Terms & Conditions

Sale expires Feb. 15, 2013.
All items are in stock and shipped FOB Elk Grove Village, IL.
Minimum order total must be $300 to any one shipping address. Items can be mixed and matched to meet the minimum for your order.
Payment Term: Net 60 days
Free prepaid continental US freight for orders over $1500 in total.