SLIP Plate® Will Be Featured at the NAPA Expo 2015!

SLIP Plate will be exhibiting at the NAPA Expo

on May 5-8, 2015 in Las Vegas, FL


The NAPA EXPO is a great opportunity for everyone in the NAPA family to increase their knowledge base and positively impact their business. Attendees will have an opportunity to network, meet suppliers and learn about new product offerings. Important updates on the automotive aftermarket and its future are provided by industry experts at this show each year.

Featuring SLIP Plate® Products:

SLIP Plate®, a dry film graphite lubricant product line that is Slippery When Dry®, was created in 1975 as an original solution to the railroad switch lubrication problem, and through the years SLIP Plate continued to make graphite lubrication products for a variety of markets.

For agricultural and industrial applications we created SLIP Plate® No. 1 (Heavy Duty), No. 3 (Quick Dry), and No. 4 (Eco-Friendly) – lubricants which reduce sliding friction when applied on hay elevators, gravity wagons, rollers and other equipment. Seed SLIK™ Graphite, Talc and Blend were formulated to ease seed flow during planting while SLIP Plate® Cold Oven Chain and Hot Oven Chain Lubricants – to prolong the life of conveyor chains and reduce noise.

MowerGUARD™ Graphite aids in preventing wet grass clippings from accumulation under lawn mowers. Black Ice™ Graphite is used in gun and fire-fighting equipment maintenance. A high-quality graphite powder Tube-O-Lube®, SLIP Plate® Aerosol, Chain & Cable, and Penetrant Plus aerosols were created for house and other lubrication purposes.

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