SLIP Plate® will be featured at Mid-States 2011

SLIP Plate® will feature the SLIP Plate® product line at Mid-States Distributing Company 2011 Fall Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota as an opportunity to inform distributors of our wide-array of graphitic lubricants for every application need with the goal of entering a store near you!

Mid-States Distributing Company
2011 Fall Show
Minneapolis Convention Center / Hilton
Minneapolis, MN
Aug. 21 – 23, 2011
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Mid-states Distributing Company is owned by independent farm retailers with over 600 stores throughout North America. The show will be the meeting ground for leading retailers, suppliers, and distributors to showcase products and technologies for the farming industry.

SLIP Plate® products are eco-friendly graphite-based lubricants engineered to reduce sliding friction, material build-up and premature part failure. SLIP Plate®’s global team is pleased to introduce the following SLIP Plate® products at the show:

NEW* SLIP Plate® Twin Packs: SLIP Plate® Aerosol paired with Penetrant Plus or Chain & Cable
All products have the power of graphite for long lasting lubrication. SLIP Plate® Aerosol is the original dry film lubricant trusted for 40 years; Penetrant Plus, a penetrant oil, cuts through rust to free up moving parts; and Chain & Cable penetrates deep into chain linkages reducing wear. Available in Blister Pack POP display!


Seed SLIK™ is made from high quality powdered graphite powders from environmentally safe, natural mineral, and will not hurt seeds, or plantings as they grow. Seeds slide easily off the planter plates. Graphite is safe for use with most corn or wood pellet boilers and furnaces. Seed SLIK comes in the following packaging: 12-16oz, 10lb pails, or 25lb pails.


MowerGUARD™ is a dry-film graphite lubricant that prevents build-up of grass and debris on mower decks. It also works great on tools such as shovels and rakes. It increases cutting efficiency and reduces clean up time. MowerGUARD comes in 7oz and 12oz cans. Also check out Starter Pack, which includes a 7oz can and a wire cup brush. For more info, visit

Today, SLIP Plate® continues to evolve to meet the needs of farmers, maintenance engineers, fire fighters, institutional maintenance personnel, commercial truck fleets, golf courses, plant engineers and the home consumer. Innovation, quality and consistency for almost many years make SLIP Plate® products the best on the market. SLIP Plate® continues to work to develop new graphite products and new coating technologies through active R&D programs and partnerships with major universities and industrial customers. SLIP Plate® is a world-leading innovator of unique technologies in the graphite industry.