Superior Graphite Supports the Austin Hatcher Foundation


SLIP Plate® is proud to provide sponsorship to the Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer. SLIP Plate® will donate about $10,000 annually in Tube-O-Lube® product to promote their fundraising efforts using pinewood derby cars and contest racing. The Foundation travels all over the nation to annually sell about 3000-4000 pinewood derby construction kits where they provide venues for children and adults to build the cars together and then race them for prizes.

The Austin Hatcher Foundation for Pediatric Cancer was formed in 2006 after Amy Jo and Jim Osborn lost their infant son Hatch to a rare form of pediatric cancer. The foundation’s mission is to support research towards the diagnosis, treatment and development of a cure for pediatric cancer, and to provide support and hope to children and families undergoing treatment, as well as those who have lost children due to cancer. The foundation has developed a landmark group of programs and services essential to help cancer stricken children and their families succeed within their community. All services provided by the Foundation are free of charge, funded solely by the generous donations of its supporters.

Hatch’s house of hope is a unique Austin Hatcher Foundation concept designed to empower children and families affected by pediatric cancer to thrive. The landmark cancer care center equips children and their family members with the educational, emotional and social skills necessary to succeed.  Specifically, these services include Problem Solving Skills Training, neurocognitive testing, educational programming to help effected children overcome their cognitive and learning deficits, emotional counseling for the cancer affected child, their siblings and parents, and marital and financial counseling to ensure a safe environment to maximize the family growth as a whole.  All services at Hatch’s are free to its guests, funded entirely by donations.  Erlanger Medical Mall in Chattanooga, TN, is the site of the first Hatch’s house of hope, which opened September 18, 2009. This Hatch’s is the model for other Hatch’s in the planning stages nationwide.  For more information, visit

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