SLIP Plate Will Be Featured at the American Farm Bureau Convention 2014!

SLIP Plate Will Be Exhibiting

at the American Farm Bureau Federation Convention

on January 12-15, 2014 in San
Antonio, TX


American Farm Bureau Federation (“AFBF”) is one ofthe nation’s largest general agricultural associations. More than 6.1 million American families are members of Farm Bureau in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Each January, thousands of these members get together to conduct the business of the national organization, benefit from informative sessions on agricultural and rural issues and share camaraderie with their fellow farmers and ranchers.

SLIP Plate Is Pleased to Feature the Following SLIP Plate® Products:

Seed SLIK™ Dry Graphite Lubricants
Graphite seed flow lubricants, are made from high quality powdered graphite powders from environmentally safe, natural mineral, and will not hurt seeds, or plantings as they grow. Small seeds benefit from the addition of graphite, allowing them to slide easily off the planter plates. Seed SLIK™ Graphite is a preferred lubricant for planting in high humidity environments.  Seed SLIK™ Talc is a good alternative to graphite for planters with new electronic seed meters that sometimes give false readings with graphite. Our talc seed flow lubricants are used in mechanical plate and vacuum planters for increased lubricity and wear protection. Seed SLIK™ Blend is a unique talc/graphite blend that is commonly used in many new mechanical plate and vacuum planters for increased lubricity and wear protection. It also will aid in reducing particle agglomeration that is common with using a 100% talc powder in higher humidity environments.

SLIP Plate® No. 1
This product is the original graphite dry lubricant in the market used to solve sliding friction problems since 1975. SLIP Plate® No. 1 is formulated with a very high concentration of friction fighting graphite and a proprietary binder system to provide a long-lasting dry lubrication for the heaviest loads. When applied and dried, this product creates a dry anti-friction graphite coating that does not attract and trap dust, dirt, mud, or grit as compared with greases and oils. Naturally hydrophobic, it provides lasting protection from rain, snow and mud to help to prevent rust and corrosion. SLIP Plate® is excellent to reduce wear and extend the operating life of machinery.

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